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Shopper Specials
Peaches 1246 2 Piece Dress
Starts at: $62.99
Landau 3148 3148 Men's Lab Coat
Starts at: $23.99
Prestige Medical 2132 3M Littmann Classic II - Infant Pine Green
Starts at: $143.00
Landau 9306 Alexis Comfort Elastic Waist Pant
Starts at: $29.00
Uncommon Threads 0156C Beanie
Starts at: $5.90
Starts at: $61.99
Peaches 1233 Cathy Dress
Starts at: $44.99
Uncommon Threads 0100 Chef Hat Poplin
Starts at: $5.50
Uncommon Threads 0150 Chef Hat Twill
Starts at: $5.50
Landau 7003 Child Size Lab Coat
Starts at: $19.99
Uncommon Threads 4000 Classic Baggy Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist
Starts at: $20.90
Cherokee Uniforms PEACOCK Double Gore Step In Footwear
Starts at: $49.50
Uncommon Threads 3041 Formal V-Neck Apron
Starts at: $9.50
Cherokee Uniforms FORZA Leather Step In
Starts at: $59.98
Small Image for Style:  MAMBO
Starts at: $69.97
Cherokee Uniforms MAMBO Leather Twin Gore Step In Footwear
Starts at: $67.50
Dansko Shoes 125 Maryjane
Starts at: $125.00
White Swan 1960 Meta Women's Consultation Coat
Starts at: $31.00
Barco 1112 Missy 30" Twill 3 Button Lab Coat
Starts at: $28.50
Barco 27146 Missy 35" Twill Princess Seams Lab Coat
Starts at: $32.00
Uncommon Threads 0405 Moroccan
Starts at: $20.68
Uncommon Threads 0404 Newport
Starts at: $21.90
Prestige Medical 122 Prestige Medical Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope
Starts at: $17.90
Dansko Shoes 006 Professional
Starts at: $120.00
Dansko Shoes 006 Professional
Starts at: $120.00
Dansko Shoes 106 Professional
Starts at: $125.00
Dansko Shoes 406 Professional
Starts at: $135.00
Edwards 1225 Security Short Sleeve Shirt 100% Polyester
Starts at: $23.90
Cherokee Uniforms JACKSON Slip Resistant Mens Step In Footwear
Starts at: $59.50
Small image for style: 1505
Starts at: $15.97
Landau 9557 Sprint Tunic
Starts at: $25.99
Dansko Shoes 8011 Ty
Starts at: $165.00
Cherokee Uniforms 2505C Unisex Scrub Hat
Starts at: $7.00
Cherokee Uniforms 2874 V-Neck Knit Panel Top
Starts at: $22.50
Edwards 165 Value V-Neck Vest
Starts at: $25.90
Uncommon Threads 3067 Waist 3 Section Pockets Apron
Starts at: $4.40

Daily Deals
Superior Uniform Group 78748 Unisex FP Tan Fashion Scrub Shirt
Starts at: $21.51
Superior Uniform Group 7007 Ladies FP Tan/Chocolate Trim Crossover Tunic
Starts at: $28.35
Superior Uniform Group 6738 Unisex Ciel No Pocket Long Sleeve Scrub Shirts
Starts at: $27.81
Dansko Shoes 160 Crepe Pro
Starts at: $121.50
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Welcome to the Nova Uniforms

Welcome to the NOVA Uniforms where our passion is to satisfy your every need for professional uniforms, accessories and equipment. We offer the best brands, quality and value for health care professionals, nursing schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, security services, and work forces. We carry comfortable professional footwear, 3M Littmann stethoscopes, scrubs, lab coats, personalization and monogramming services, and much more. If you have any questions about shipping or sizing, click on the links or contact Customer Service. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you!

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